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Tourism Promotion Strategy

Even in the middle of a severe recession, people want entertainment which offers and escape from reality.  There are tourism assets in all communities, but a weak or non-existent tourism strategy often keeps them from reaping the full economic benefits they can bring in.  Some communities spend heavily on tourism promotion but get little results because they are not done strategically and targeted at the right audience.  Others leave the work to the tourism assets themselves and they achieve little by not taking advantage of the scale economy.  With a real tourism promotion strategy, you can both reduce costs and have great impacts.

There are a few basic steps involved in developing a tourism promotion strategy:

1.  Understand the four key concepts of tourism promotion, which tells you what guides your program design.

2.  Inventory and categorize the available tourism assets so you know what you are selling.

3.  Understand the four types of visitors, their habits and decision-making process, and how they can be reached.

4.  Develop an outreach program based on the aforementioned analyses.

The best part, much of these can be done at very low costs if you know what to do!

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