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Solutions to World's Problems

At Harvard, I focused on economic development because I want to help make the world a better place.  I have never given up on that ideal.  Here’s a page dedicated to some of the potential solutions to the world’s pressing problems.  If you like these ideas, please think about how you can contribute your time and resources to help these organizations.

Building Computer Labs with Almost No Money

I’m now helping to build two computer labs with little funding available. The server software is Edubuntu running LTSP.  The Edubuntu/LTSP combination is amazing.  I was able to run YouTube on three machines (server and two clients) on my tiny laptop.  I’ve written a detailed, step-by-step instructions on implementing this system.  If you want a copy, please e-mail me.

For clients, I could go with donated machines or new, low-end terminals, which are basically (almost) any x86-based machines with PXE booting capability.  No harddisks needed.  This could be the best way to use those corporate discards that have their HDDs removed for data security reasons.

The biggest cost item so far -- Ethernet cabling!  I’m making the cables myself.  It’s been quite an experience.

A technology to remove harmful chemicals

I have started a separate business venture to commercialize technologies that can help clean indoor air economically.  Please check out http://FightAirPollution.com .  Interestingly, the same technology can also help clean water.

Jobseeker Assistance

At my church, I teach a workshop on finding jobs.  Many attendees have mentioned to me that my tips are really helpful.  So I’m making my presentation available here.  Please give it to your friends who are looking for work.

Economic development

I’m helping an ethnic group understand how to do economic development.  Then my partners and I will help them develop actionable plans, identify the most suitable opportunities, seek out financing, and then help them set up the infrastructure so those projects are sustainable even without our continuing involvement.

Low-cost adjustable eyeglasses

One billion people in the world need eyeglasses but cannot afford them, and many simply do not have access to any type of eye care.  The results: illiteracy, unproductive lives, psychological problems, and even blindness.  Focus on Vision is a Dutch organization that invented a type of adjustable eyeglasses so many people with simple myopia or hyperopia can get these glasses without having the access to an optometrist.  These eyeglasses can be manufactured at very low costs when done in large quantities.

I’m helping them to find donors in the U.S. and creating innovative programs to help finance these eyeglasses.

Helping Our Veterans Return to Civilian Life

I’m helping to design a development in which one of the objectives is to help our returning veterans adjust to civilian life.  We have some plans to help with transitional housing, financial planning, job training and job placement.  We need some ideas on how to help vets deal with PTSD. One idea was to help them relax by doing things related to gardening or agriculture.  We need more ideas!  If you have some suggestions, please contact George via e-mail.

Interested in helping out?  Please contact George via e-mail.